Meredith McGarvey

I help couples, individuals and families through difficult transitions and challenges in their relationships. I focus on helping individuals and couples learn problem solving techniques, enhance communication and minimize stress.  I believe that everyone has strengths, but during stressful times or transitions in their lives they may need help accessing those strengths. In my experience working with couples, there is a common theme; they have been interacting the same way for years and are feeling stuck, unhappy and/or disconnected. It can sometime be a subtle, slow process, which builds over time, that couples have difficulty identifying what went wrong. Unhappy relationships can also put significant stress on the mind and body resulting in anxiety, depression and sometimes, physical ailments.  I help couples understand their negative interaction pattern, and teach them how to communicate more deeply and effectively. As a result, this creates more intimacy.  I also help couples understand their differences, especially in how they express themselves and how they react to stress. It’s amazing to see how small changes in day-to-day interactions can have such a positive effect on a relationship.

I also support and guide families through separation/divorce.  I work with parents to develop parenting plans designed to create a framework for parenting/communication and a schedule for the children which gives the children a feeling of safety and consistency, free from conflict. I help parents identify the needs of their children through this transition particularly looking at each child’s unique personality and developmental stage. When parents create a plan that provides structure and consistency, children feel safe and know what to expect. In addition, parents spend less time and energy on conflict with the other parent and as a result have more time to focus on parenting and self care.

Availability and rates:

My rate is $150 for a 50 minute therapy session and $175 for a 1 hour co-parenting session.

Professional background:

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT53352 with training and experience in Gottman Couples Therapy, Co-parenting counseling and mediation.  I have 7 years of experience working with couples, families and teens struggling with issues around divorce, communication, intimacy, anxiety, depression, stress, emotional dysregulation, trauma, parent-child conflict and parenting.  My approach is warm, interactive, and solution-focused. I believe that it can very helpful during challenging times in our lives to have an objective professional give us support, perspective and guidance to make positive changes.

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