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At 360 Relationship we understand that your need for services is unique to your life situation and future goals.

We customize our services listed below to provide the support your need to make the changes you want in your life.

Expect fundamental and positive changes in how you communicate and love.  You will transform your relationship to yourself and others.



In therapy you gain a greater understanding of yourself and your relationships so you enhance your emotional and mental capacities with confidence and compassion.  Whether you find yourself in a crisis, or feel that there is something that is holding you back from reaching your full potential, in relationship or at work, therapy is proven to help.  At 360 Relationship we expect to make an impact and support you as you improve your life and transform your relationships.


Intensive Therapy
When the one to two hours weekly sessions are not appropriate for our clients’ situation we recommend an intensive, customized format.  We have found this very effective for individuals, couples and modern families who are in a crisis situation, such as a serious medical diagnosis, death of a loved one, the immediate aftermath of an affair, considering divorce or other overwhelming life situations.  We also successfully use this format for clients with a heavy or unpredictable travel schedule and for those in long distance relationships.  These sessions take place in our office or in the privacy of our clients’ home.


Coaching and therapy are complementary, and can either be integrated or stand-alone processes depending on your needs and situation.  At 360 Relationship coaching is part of what we do in supporting improved self-awareness and optimum functioning to achieve specific personal and professional goals.  Coaching is how we help you answer “what’s next and how?”  Great coaching can expertly help you create positive, measurable change in your life.  It is about getting the very best out of yourself by changing behaviors and enabling your own decision-making to improve your life.


Divorce Mediation and Resolution
As emotions run high and exhaustion sets in, the likelihood of a legal divorce turning adversarial is very high.  If there are children as part of the equation the complexities, stakes and legal costs go up exponentially.  Instead of a drawn out legal battle we offer a healthy financial and emotional alternative.  At 360 Relationship we are a team of therapists, mediators, financial experts and attorneys who through conflict resolution and mediation reach agreements that make sense for you and your family.  We also support our clients as they begin a post-divorce life of healing and re-invention.