Divorce Support | Individual Therapy

Divorce Support | Individual Therapy

We specialize in counseling and consulting with people who are facing divorce.  Divorce is an exhausting time of confusion, hurt and anger.  In this emotional state you are called to make decisions that will have consequences for the rest of your life.  Knowing how to take the next step forward can feel overwhelming.

As therapists, mediators and financial consultants working with family attorneys we have developed a unique approach to divorce.  We help you successfully manage the divorce process so you can grow, heal and transform your life.

Our first goal when you have decided that the relationship has run its course, and one or both people are clear that they want to divorce, is to decrease stress and adversity in order to make healthy and constructive decisions.  Your situation is unique and we create a roadmap based on your needs.

We facilitate a process that minimizes damage and maximizes a sense of safety and confidence.  The outcome is that you will have solid agreements, resources and skills to create a future you will feel confident about.

If you have children it is even more important that you approach every step of the process deliberately.  Regardless of the complex feelings you have for the person you are divorcing he or she will always be the other parent of your children, and together you have the responsibility to put the interest of the children first.  Research has shown that one of the key indicators of how well children cope with divorce/dissolution correlates directly to how the parents are able to navigate their relationship during and after the divorce.

We are a team of Psychotherapists, Divorce Mediators and Financial Consultants, and are experts in working with couples in conflict and transition.  Attorneys are part of our multi-disciplinary team, and help facilitate the legal dissolution and finalize agreements.

Through our process conflict and confrontation decrease, and cooperation, closure and a new beginning become possible.  We will support you in recovering from emotional distress, and help you make smart and fully informed financial, legal and practical decisions that will work for your future.

Questions for Thought

Below are a few questions that are intended to help you consider your personal situation more closely.  If your responses cause concern and you want to make changes, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can best help.

  • Do you still have feelings for your spouse?
  • How long have you felt this way and when did it change?
  • Is it divorce you want or, are you just threatening divorce to get a reaction from your spouse?
  • Is your decision to divorce based on a reaction or do you feel clarity around this decision?
  • What is motivating you to divorce now?
  • Have you thought about the consequences of a divorce, both negative and positve?
  • Can you act in a mature way through the divorce process?