Claudio Zanet, Therapist, San Francisco, Couples Therapy

Are you making it through the day, looking to the rest of the world as if you’re doing just fine, but deep down inside you feel stuck and uninspired? Do you wonder what is holding you back from thriving in the world? The truth is, in our hectic world we often find ourselves afraid to take risks that could jeopardize the stable lives we’ve created for ourselves and families. We remain in jobs, relationships and old patterns that no longer excite us, while symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress, anger, negative thoughts and self-defeating patterns keep us from making any real changes to our lives.

If that sounds like you, you’re stuck. And when we feel stuck, whether in a work situation, a personal relationship or in relationship to ourselves, we can feel lost and alone.  I know this feeling. Like everyone, I have been to dark places in my life and being in therapy has helped me to break free and thrive. And now I want to share with you the skills and insights I have gained, and help you to live the authentic and exciting life you deserve.

I am a licensed psychotherapist committed to working with individuals and couples to help them restore their emotional connections and live authentically and fully.  My goal is to help you feel better about yourself and your relationships.  I work with individuals and couples from all cultures and sexual orientations and I welcome each to therapy just as they are.

Regardless of what brings you into therapy, know that you will be deeply supported in a caring and non-judgmental way. Working collaboratively, we will create a safe space where you will learn to communicate more effectively, drop your defenses and speak authentically about what you truly feel and need in your relationships and your life.

Book a free 20 minute consultation with me and let’s explore the possibilities that await you.

Availability and rates:

My rates are $225 per clinical hour (50 minutes) for therapy and coaching.

To contact me:  415-813-5454 Ext. 3 or

Professional background:

I spent 20 years working as a successful business executive, in large public companies and most recently in start-ups.  In my early 30’s I began doing my own in depth psychotherapy and process work.  In addition I began assisting at their various psycho-spiritual workshops. It was while assisting at these workshops that I discovered my natural ability to help those who were hurting face some difficult and often times painful truths about themselves. Following my heart, I returned to school to become a psychotherapist, so I could continue helping others unlock their turmoil and move their lives forward again.

My work is informed by a deep curiosity and appreciation for the human condition. I earned a graduate degree in Integral Counseling Psychology at the California Institute for Integral Studies in 2011 and completed both Level 1 and Level 2 training in the Gottman approach to couples work. I am also certified as a mediator in divorce proceedings or other difficult negotiations.

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