Marit Bakken

I help couples and others in relationship discover better ways to communicate and have meaningful relationships. My approach is dynamic, warm, and evidence-based.

Most couples and others in relationship see me when their pain has become too much.  One or more members of the relationship may want to leave, think of having affairs, have affairs, want more, less or different sex, argue about money, and be in communication gridlock.

Clients also seek my help when the relationship ends.  I offer a solution-focused approach where you will reach workable agreements that meet emotional and financial needs.  Divorce does not have to be an emotionally jarring and costly legal process.

Whatever your situation may be, I will meet you with unconditional acceptance, and provide tools and solutions that will help you make fundamental and positive changes in how you communicate and love.  You will transform your relationship.


My practice is full, but I welcome you to contact me to see how I can best help and discuss upcoming availability: 415.813.5454 ext. 2 or

Professional background:

Marit is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT87659 and has completed numerous trainings and certifications, including Gottman.  She is also a Certified Divorce Mediator.  Her Graduate Degree in Counseling Psychology was completed at California Institute of Integral Studies.  She serves on the Board of Directors of Beyond Differences –

Marit moonlights as a Wedding Celebrant and legally perform wedding ceremonies with the exception of the singing.